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MPL50-Li Battery Charger (Jaguar Landrover Approved)


  • Contactor reset mode for LiFePO4

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Short circuit shutdown without blown fuse

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Fast constant current bulk charge

  • 3-stage charging: CI-CV-Float

  • Constant voltage float/standby

  • Flexibility – to match battery specification

  • Proportional timing – minimal gas emission

  • Independent overrun timer

  • Battery Support Mode

  • 2M detachable output leads

  • Accurate zero-crossing voltage sensing

  • “Car Start” ready indicator in LiFePO4 mode

  • LiFePO4 Compatible

Soft start current control – temp controlled in LiFePO4 mode

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The MPL50-LI charger from Traction Charger has been designed with the latest workshop standards in mind.

Suitable for most common battery types – LiFePO4,Pb/Ca,/AGM, GEL and conventional lead acid.

The MPL50-LI features a contactor reset mode for reactivating disabled/highly discharged LiFePO4 batteries.

As with all Traction Battery Chargers the MPL50-LI is manufactured at our own UK site.

MPL50-LI is available with an optional temp sensing lead set allowing the ultimate in efficient charging.

MPL50-LI also features a 13.4V constant output mode for battery support functionality at up to 50A.

MPL50-LI is compatible with CDU-1 Charge Distribution Unit.

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