MPL 12/24v Battery Charger 10A

£295.00 £285.00 plus VAT

  • Patented Sulphation Recovery Program
  • Short Circuit shutdown without blown fuse
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Soft start current control
  • Fast constant current bulk charge
  • 3-stage charging: CI-CV-Float
  • Constant voltage float/standby
  • Proportional timing – minimal gas emission
  • Independent overrun timer
  • Accurate zero-crossing voltage sensing
  • Flexibility – to match battery specification
  • MPL10 & 20 both available in UK, Euro and 110V versions


MPL 12/24v Battery Charger

The MPL 12/24v Battery Charger is suitable for use on AGM, GEL, Calcium and Lead Acid battery types. The MPL is used by some of the world’s leading vehicle and battery manufacturers and it features our own patented Sulphation Recovery System.