Traction Showroom Support Unit SSU2-50B

£685.00 £670.00 plus VAT

Traction SSU2-50B

This Traction unit has been designed to slip under most vehicles without risk of damage to floor and features automatic current sensing so that it knows when it is needed.

An expanding range of adapters are also available to allow simple connection directly to the vehicle battery or via distribution points.


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Traction SSU2-50B

Derived from the popular Traction BSU2-50B this low profile (90mm) Traction SSU2-50B battery conditioner has been designed specifically for car showrooms.

Most conventional battery conditioners simply trickle charge the battery after it has been drained. The SSU2-50B provides instant support to the battery negating the need for recharging.

With the SSU2-50B Showroom connected to your vehicles you can be sure that they are always ready for demonstration and that the battery will be kept in prime condition.