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This is a complementary product to the MPL50 charger and MPL50-Li charger that manages charging of a bank of up to 5 batteries.

It can be either placed under the MPL50/MPL50-Li charger or situated remotely by use of optional link lead.

Power is provided from the MPL50/MPL50-Li. When a battery is disconnected the unit will turn off power to the output making the leads safe from accidental shorts.

The 5 output connectors are compatible with Traction standard yellow 50 Amp lead sets.

The module input is a red 50 Amp connector. A yellow to red interface lead is provided ensuring correct connection.

The status of each channel is indicated by an LED above each connector.

Units can be daisy-chained allowing up to 17 batteries to be connected simultaneously.




The unit will manage the charge by sequencing around each battery, completing the bulk charge process, then it will move onto the next battery.

If a new battery is connected it will be added into the sequence.

Once all batteries have been charged to the bulk stage the unit will complete the top off charge on each battery and then go into maintenance mode.

After the bulk charge stage, the batteries will be charged to around 70% of capacity. They can be removed at this stage (for faster turnaround of large batches of batteries) or left on for longer to achieve a full charge.


Very few batteries are manufactured locally. Most if not all have to undergo a long sea voyage enduring harsh environmental conditions during storage. The batteries often experience both extremes of temperature in a single journey. Once docked, it can be some time before the batteries find their ways to a distribution center and then on to dealerships. This journey can take its toll on battery condition meaning that a “brand new” battery from your parts department could well be in quite a poor state.

Gone are the days where a battery change could be performed in minutes and so the process of fitting a battery not in peak condition state to a vehicle can be a frustrating, time consuming and costly exercise.

The combination of MPL50/MPL50-Li and CDU-1 ensure that batteries leaving your parts department can be in the condition desired by JLR BEFORE they are fitted to the vehicle.



SIZE: 280x250x60mm

SIZE WITH FEET: 11”x10”x2.4”

1 x Supply Output lead & 1 x Link Adaptor


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