Weaco ASC6400G AC BUS Unit

  • Charging cylinder storage capacity: 25 kg, vacuum pump capacity 192 l/min
    • Integrated fluid pump for high-volume refrigerant charging
    • Vacuum pump designed in cooperation with utility vehicle manufacturers, performance 192 l/min
    • Humidity free storage and feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive
    • Dustcover included in the delivery kit
    • Fully automatic refrigerant recycling, oil and additive management
    • Automatic vacuum check and charging of leak detection additive
    • Complies with SAE J 2099 and SAE J 2788
    • Integrated refrigerant charging and recovery amount management
  • Integrated charging amount database
    • Personalised charging amount database
    • Swivel and tilt manometer panel
    • Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging, heat-up also possible during the charging process
    • Special, 8-bearing weighing platform
    • 500 ml used oil container for longer change intervals
    • USB interface and soft graphic display
    • Also suitable for hybrid vehicles if the optional flushing kit for the ASC’s internal circuit was installed
    • 3 separate weighing cells for UV additive and oil management
    • Equipped with refrigerant liquid pump
    • Prepared for external heat belt, 220 V connection


Time is valuable, especially when it comes to air conditioning service on large vehicles such as buses and trains where downtimes are extremely costly for the operators.

Speed and reliability are vital. Key service tasks such as refrigerant recovery, evacuation and refrigerant recharging need to be performed within a tight
timeframe. The ASC 6400 G perfectly meets these requirements. The 192-litre vacuum pump is exactly designed for these applications. An additional fluid pump ensures fast refrigerant

WAECO ASC 6400 G (and ASC G LE) are fully automatic A/C service units featuring a triple certification for R134a, R1234yf and R513A.
The new modular system requires that you order basic ASC and your choice of hose set separately.
Please note: You can assign only one of the refrigerants to your device.
The ASC 6400 G optionally features the fresh oil and UV additive feeding system. It allows moisture-free and clean storage of refrigerant oils even over longer periods of time and therefore cuts
A/C service costs.