Ariazone 5001 R134a A/C Service Station (000589)

£1,995.00 plus VAT

Ariazone 5001 R134a A/C Service Station (000589)

Affordable, Reliable and Robust!

The Ariazone 5001 – Automotive A/C Service Station (Recovery, Recycling, Evacuation and Charging System) is a user-friendly tool specifically designed for the automotive air-conditioning
technicians, to carry out the following functions:

– Testing air conditioning system,
– Recovery and recycling the refrigerant from a/c system,
– Gauge amount of refrigerant recovered from air-conditioning system.
– Gauge amount of oil removed from air-conditioning system (if any),
– Evacuate air-conditioning system,
– Charge lubrication oil or UV dye by volume into the air-conditioning system,
– Electronically charge the refrigerant into a/c system by weight.

The unit is a microprocessor controlled system. This provides electronically controlled functions, whilst keeping the operator constantly informed and in full control.
This unit has been designed and build to be long lasting and with high level of reliability including maximum safety for the operator

Image for 5001 HD model.


– Refrigerant: R134a
– 12kg storage cylinder
– Recovery rate up to 350gr/min (liquid)
– 3.5 cfm (100lit/min) dual stage vacuum pump
– Automatic cycle
– Manual new oil injection and UV dye injection
– 1.8m service hoses
– 62 x 60 x 109cm, 76kg
– Printer (optional on request)
– Cylinder Heater (optional on request)

– Comes with 1x IMI Level 3 F-Gas Assessment (worth £235 + VAT)

– Finance from as little as £15.15 + VAT per week over 3 years