Smartcharge 195 NT

The New Smartcharge 195NT Plus AC Service Station

Powerful and robust air conditioning service unit for the fully automatic air conditioning service with the refrigerant R134a.

Ideal for service on cars, vans, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles.


Intelligent “Low-Emission” Concept

  • Innovative procedure for waste oil drain ensures the lowest refrigerant loss.
    This saves money, ensures safety and protects the environment!

Conforming to the law

  • Nitrogen / Forming gas test integrated in the device software.
    Ensures a binding documentation to the end customer.

Smart documentation

  • Reading and exporting data via USB interface (Excel).
    Enables the documentation of individual services as well as the evaluation of the total refrigerant consumption.

Ready to perform

  • Automated cleaning of the A/C service unit circuit.
    As a result, the device is immediately ready for the next air conditioning service, no matter which type of oil.


Technical features


Operating  temperature range





195H/NT R134a

230V±10% 50Hz

10/49 °C


Internal  vessel  capacity  (Kg) 20  
Maximum  pressure  (PS) 20 bars
Compressor 1/3 HP
Recovery  rate  (liquid) 320  g/min’
Not  condensable  gas  discharge Automatic
Main  drier  filter Type 303
Ventilation  Security  System 172 mm
Recovery high speed fan Oil  discharge

Oil discharge bottle capacity

172 mm Automatic

500 ml

Oil  discharge  weight  scale NO  
Weight  scale 60 kg
Scale  blocking  system YES,  with  screws

Nitrogen  pressure  test Vacuum pump

Final  pressure  (McLeod  abs) Electronic  vacuum  meter

PAG oil charge

PAG oil bottle capacity UV Dye charge

UV Dye bottle capacity Refrigerant  charge

Service  hoses  compensation

± 2 g YES

100  lt/min

0,05 mb YES


250 ml Automatic

100 ml Automatic


Flushing  program YES
Internal  flushing  service  ports NO  
Workshop  program YES
Display 4 x 20 characters
Keyboard  with  encoder YES
Update Memory  card
Downloadable  Service  Report  (2  yrs) NO  
Vehicle  DataBase YES
Personal  DataBase NO
Printer YES
Pressure  gauges  (pulse  free)  CL  1.0 D 80 mm
Service  couplings Parker SAE J639
Service hoses 2.5 m SAE J2197
Pocket  for  documents/power  cord YES
Manifold 6 ways