Airco Lube Standard PAG46 Oil – 1L

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Airco Lube Standard PAG46 Oil

Airco Lube PAGs are standard mono end capped oils. They are fully synthetic and additised polyalkylene glyocols which are well suited to automotive aftermarket use, in most normal climatic and environmental conditions experienced in Europe.

Avaliable is ISO grades 46,68, 100 & 150. Packaged in a unique moisture barrier treated polymer bottles under a nitrogen blanket and heat sealed lid.

Airco Glo-Lubes are standard PAG’s pre-treated with Glo-Leak UV Tracer fluid. They are handy to use when topping up a system which has already been treated with Glo-Leak, and also when refilling with oil after a system flush and/or a change of compressor.