“Basic” Texa Truck Package

“Basic” Texa Truck Package

This package contains the quick Dell E7440 Laptop the navigator TXTs Interface with 16pin OBD cable and the latest TRUCK software installed and ready to use.

Truck Software includes: Truck & Light Commercials, Bus & Coach, Trailers & Semi Trailers, Transmissions and Power Trains.

Dell E7440 12″ Laptop

  • 12” Laptop
  • Intel Core i5 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB Solid State Drive
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 12 Month Warranty

Navigator TXTs Interface

The NAVIGATOR TXTs is the most complete and versatile version in the range, and can be used on any type of vehicle. Wireless connectivity means users can carry out diagnostics testing while being free to move around the vehicle and workshop.


Please Note: In an effort to keep the price as low as possible this “no frills” package does not include the annual subscription for software updates (option available) or a set of cables. It is however running the very latest software and includes the 16pin OBD cable that is standard on most vehicles and Trucks after Euro 5.

Licences & software are also available for all categories, listed below:

  • CAR & LCV

For further assistance please contact us.

Lease from only £25 per week


12.5″ Laptop

The Laptop combines the sophisticated performance and durability of a laptop with modern technologies. This performance-oriented ultra-portable Laptop is thin and lightweight.

Navigator TXTs Interface

NAVIGATOR TXTs can perform all common auto diagnostic tests, including: read and clear errors, display engineering parameters and activation status, set and configure oil change, service and airbag indicator light reset, ECU configuration, keys and remote controls.

NAVIGATOR TXTs is compatible with the PASS-THRU protocol*, which allows any workshop to connect to each manufacturer’s central server and download software packages or official technical information.

Today the diagnostics tool is an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle workshop. Whatever the fault, it is likely that during each repair process the ECUs will need to be accessed to clear the fault codes or configure the replacement components, operations that are only possible using a diagnostic tool.

Now even scheduled service and maintenance in many cases requires the use of diagnostic equipment, to reset the service lights and check or activate the various systems.