Texa OHW Package

Texa OHW Package (Off Highway Diagnostics)

  • Axone Nemo
  • IDC5 Premium OHW software (Agri & Construction)
  • Navigator TXTs
  • Agri Power Supply Kit
  • Deutsch 9 – Pin adapter
  • 12 Months OHW Texpack
  • 12 Months Technical
  • Nemo stand


Flexible Finance Options Available from £25/ Week!

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Texa OHW Package

For OFF-HIGHWAY diagnostics, TEXA offers the unbeatable combination of the NAVIGATOR TXTs and the extremely robust AXONE Nemo, two perfect tools for use in tough and outdoor environments.

Designed for even Smarter Diagnostics

To develop the AXONE Nemo, TEXA drew on its vast experience as the trusted partner of tens of thousands of workshops and tried to imagine how the mechanic’s job is likely to evolve over the next five years.

The result is the world’s first “SMART” diagnostic tool, a tool that is amazingly flexible thanks to interchangeable modules that can be installed whenever needed to suit kinds of application and situation.

The AXONE Nemo is specially designed for heavy duty use in vehicle repair workshops and offers a whole series of advantages compared to a standard PC.

Robust, waterproof, practical and user-friendly, the AXONE Nemo comes with operating software that is completely immune to viruses and all the compatibility problems typical of conventional PCs.