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Honda / Rover / Toyota Receiver Drier/Accumulator

Denso drier captive o ring seats.
As used with r134a denso systems not r12 systems use 31-1036
OE Part Number(s)
8847128070 / 8847120050 / 8847030370 / 8847050010 / JRJ10007 / 6025310181 / 6025370893 / BTR6631 / JRJ100550 / 94437314301 / 6455T4 / 94457314301 / 921310C001



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The Receiver drier and accumulator contain desiccant which is used to trap moisture which can be harmful to all air conditioning systems. Moisture in the system can cause corrosion and formation of ice, when mixed with refrigerant acid can form corroding the system from the inside out especially the evaporator and condenser. The desiccant can break down when saturated causing major blockages with components resulting in premature compressor failure.

You must always change the receiver drier / accumulator when any major component is changed especially when replacing the compressor. Compressor manufacturers will void warranty if it has not been changed!

You must consider the following should customer’s questions the importance to changing this vital component;

  • When you service an engine you always change the oil filter, then why would you not change the air conditioning filter when you work on the A/C system?
  • If the A/C system is empty then moisture WILL be present and the receiver drier / accumulator will become saturated the only way to remove the saturation is by changing the component!
  • Always ensure that the receiver drier / accumulator is the last component changed to reduce the risk of excess moisture entering the desiccant.
  • Always give at least 30 minutes of vacuum prior to recharging the system to remove air trapped inside the pipe work.


Some vehicles do not have receiver driers or accumulators but have desiccant capsules located in the end of the condenser, if so the condenser will have a larger round tube on one side containing the drier capsule and can be removed by unscrewing the top of the tube to withdraw the capsule and replace accordingly.


It’s also important to note that many compressor suppliers will not warrant a replacement compressor unless you replace the accumulator or receiver-drier!


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