Bartec TECH500 TPMS Tool

£875.00 plus VAT

Bartec TECH500

The TECH500 is the Premier TPMS Tool!

Based on the successful TECH400 range of tools, the TECH500 takes the TPMS repair process to the next level!



TECH500 Added Features

  • Works with all major programmable sensors
  • WLAN and Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Wireless charging
  • More on-board DTC information
  • New easier-to-use menu flow
  • New ergonomic enclosure
  • Model year 2017 coverage
  • Comprehensive audit report
  • Works with ‘TPMS Desktop’
  • Passive keyless entry test process
  • Range of accessories



Bartec TECH500 TPMS Tool

Bartec Tech 500 TPMS Tool added Bluetooth, WI-FI connectivity and the ability to test intelligent [passive entry] key fobs! The Bartec Tech500 is faster, easier to use, and more accurate than the competition! Key features include the ability to read the Diagnostic Codes from the vehicle ECU along with testing the TPMS before breaking down the wheel. The audit data from the process can be shown to the customer for authorisation of the work before it commences. The tool has wireless charging, OBD comms, Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with TPMS Desktop and transfer data to POS. Separate applications cover work in mobile vans, tyre workshops and tyre hotelling.


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