Ariazone 5001 1234yf A/C Service Station (001691)

Ariazone 5001 A/C Service Station – 1234YF (001691)

If you are looking for the best value for money, full A/C service system on the market, look no further. This particular model 5001 incorporates all of Ariazone`s quality and reliability and a very low cost. Easy to use (only four buttons to control) and full electronic function control gives you less down time and more money in your pocket.

Recovery – The refrigerant is reconditioned during the recovery process making it possible to re-use it immediately. The 5001, with its unique construction, accurately measures the amount of recovered refrigerant.
Evacuation – The powerful two-stage vacuum pump ensures a deep vacuum and the removal of any residual moisture from the system.
Charging – Key in the correct charge on the keypad and the microprocessor does the rest. It is also possible to control the charge amount by hand.
Oil Separation – After each recovery process, the oil is collected in an extremely efficient heat-exchanger/oil separator and manually discharged into a calibrated oil container attached to the back of the machine.
Oil injection – Oil injection is carried out manually. The amount is simple to measure with the calibrated oil container at the back of the machine. During evacuation, oil can be charged through the high pressure service hose.


– Refrigerant: 1234yf
– Recovery rate up to 400gr/min (liquid)
– 4cfm (115lit/min) sparkless dual stage vacuum pump
– Fully automatic cycle
– Manual new oil injection and UV dye injection
– 3m service hoses, R1234yf Quick Connectors
– 62 x 60 x 109cm, 78KG
– Printer
– Cylinder Heater

– Comes with 1x IMI Level 3 F-Gas Assessment (Worth £235 + VAT)

– Finance from as little as £25.66 + VAT per week over 3 years