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A/C Flushing Kit

 Air Conditioning flushing Kit

Universal A/C Flushing Kit

  • Designed to work with any light weight A/C flushing agent which can be mixed with pressurised air.
  • A must use when replacing a failed compressor, ensure all the debris from the damaged A/C compressor is removed.
  • Fill canister with flushing material, pressurise with shop air and flush each component.
  • Excellent for quickly and effectively removing refrigerant oil and debris during retrofitting or compressor replacement.
  • Reduce comebacks by flushing evaporator & condenser with the flush gun kit.
  • Simply add solvent and use shop air to reverse flush the component.
  • Flush gun is simple to use and will hold up through many flush procedures.
  • Use flush kit to remove contaminants, moisture and acid from R12, R134a, R22, 1234yf A/C systems.
  • High Performance Refrigerant Hose: 600PSI W.P. 3000PSI Burst SAE J2196
  • Reusable canister, holds 18oz.
  • Designed for use with flush solvent.


Air Conditioning flushing Kit

Air Conditioning Flushing Kit Includes:

  • Empty 18oz Canister
  • 3ft 600psi Hose
  • Nozzle
  • Air Cut-Off Valve
  • Instructions included.