Combined Emission Tester – TGD MDS X

New DVSA regulation compliant.

The MDS X emission tester is a standalone modular emission tester housed in a slimline cabinet which is mounted on 4 large castor wheels for increased manoeuvrability.

The emission tester is operated from a wide (15”) screen laptop computer which is mounted and secured (locked) to the cabinet.

The cabinet houses the 4 gas analyser system, power supply and communication modules and provides storage for probes and hoses.


TGD MDS X is approved to the highest level OIML Class 00, 2 Classes higher than current DVSA requirement.

The new MDS X design of condensate trap detects moisture using an electrical sensor, this leads to improved accuracy, a reduction in condensate problems and a reduction in pump running times.

The TGD MDS X can be upgraded to include NOx modules for both petrol and diesel emission analysis at an additional cost.