CO2 refrigerant – R744

It is ever more likely that CO2 (carbon dioxide) will be the refrigerant used by many manufacturer’s in the near future.

Daimler (owner of the Mercedes brand) and the VAG group are already using CO2 in some of their models and it is thought it could become the way forward for many others.


Why CO2 (R744) in air conditioning?

CO2 does not deplete the ozone layer. Since the carbon dioxide used in car air conditioning is a recycled industrial waste product it becomes environmentally neutral. Overall, using a CO2-based air conditioning system will reduce total car emissions by 10%, thereby sparing the planet 1% of total greenhouse gases.

With EV’s (electric vehicles) also becoming more prevalent on our roads and only set to increase over the coming years, it is very likely the use of CO2 will rapidly increase. AC service outlets will need a CO2 service station in their workshops if they want to continue to service these vehicles.

Autocraft Equipment is committed and ready for the take up of CO2 and has already supplied CO2 AC service units to some main dealers. Using much higher pressures than standard AC units, safety and professional use of the equipment is essential. We are offering safety and awareness courses to our customers with every unit we supply, be that 1234yf or CO2 units.


R744 AC Service Station : Click HERE

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