Diagnostic Training

Diagnostic Training

Texa / Delphi / Bosch


Delphi Training

Delphi Technical Centre:

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Bosch Automotive Training

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TEXA Diagnostic Training

Autocraft Equipment offers its customers in the UK an additional service in the form of the ‘TexaEdu’ program.

The TEXAEDU training programme is divided into modules so that garages can choose exactly the right course for their needs. Staff at TEXA training centres undergo regular training to qualify them to teach the latest courses written by TEXA’s own specialist instructors.

Trainers have to pass a test before they are permitted to teach any course at a TEXA training centre. A TEXA instructor is always on hand to provide support if needed whenever a training centre delivers a new course for the first time. At the end of every course, participants fill in questionnaires to evaluate content and delivery. These are collected and processed to improve future training.

A range of courses and information is available below.

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P1: IDC5E Technical Training For Truck  

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G20: Trailer Braking

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G21: Diagnosis Of SCR/AdBlue Systems

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P1: IDC5 Technical Training for BIKE

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P1: IDC5 Technical Training for AGRI

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G1: Electrical and Electronic Systems

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