Trailer Eye (GPS tracking)

£259.00 plus VAT

Outstanding GPS tracker for tracking trailers, caravans, and much more!

No battery required! Includes 12 months server login!

  • Trailer-Eye is a small, affordable tracking device for real time monitoring and tracking, even under challenging conditions.
  • Track real time position, activity, movement and route of your trailer.
  • GPS technology gives you an accurate position. All data including historical traces can be retrieved from the server at any time.
  • Non-stop tracking without running low on battery.
  • Trailer-Eye allows for continuous long-term and real-time tracking.
  • It does not run out of electrical power so batteries are not required.

The unique and patented GPS device offers long term durability as it generates power from the tail lights, brake lights and indicators.



Report interval
Interval frequency, depends on power input
• Charged by taillight: Down to 2 minutes positions interval
• Charged by brakes / indicators: Variable positions interval depending on power input
• No power source: Up to 5 positions, sent with an 12 hours interval

First 12 months included! then from only £84 per annum track your equipment with your own unique login to the Trailer Eye server.

Easy installed in the light housing, with the product label-side facing outwards.
Connect the wires:
• Black wire to frame/ground
• Brown wire to tail lights
• Red wire to brake lights
• Green wire to indicator lights




• GSM Quad band 2G – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• Communication protocol: UDP
• Positioning: GPS/GSM triangulation
• Power supply: 4-40 V
• Antennas: Internal
• Motion sensor: 3 axis G-sensor

• Weight: 42g
• Measurement: 54x44x19mm
• Protection: IP65
• Temp. range: -30 to +60 C°
• CE, E pending, WEEE/RoHS
• Patent pending – PA201500671
Server and data security:

  • ISEA3402 certified (referring to ISO27002)