£2,150.00 plus VAT

Trailer Check Plus

Trailer Check Plus is a versatile comprehensive tool for checking semi-trailers. Can be used in a “mobile” service van or in the workshop.

  • Automatic/manual light check
  • ABS/EBS check
  • Air sytem check
  • Component activation
  • Remote pendant switch with 115 meter cable
  • Yellow & Red  line couplings & power cable
  • x3 5′ meter air hoses included

Special itroductory price, the competitors prices are closer to £3000!

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TrailerCheck `Plus` is a self-contained, inexpensive and comprehensive semi-trailer systems tester.

TrailerCheck `Plus` has the ability to remotely activate the trailer`s air system by connecting into the service and emergency air lines. This affords a complete systems check of all the air fed components. Remote activation of the braking components is also possible, allowing the technician to fully inspect component functionality at close range.

The unit can be secured in a mobile service vehicle or mounted on a suitable work station for workshop use.

A suitable air supply from a small compressor and a 24V power supply is all that is required to power the unit.

The TrailerCheck `Plus` comes with 3x 5 mtr light suzies,  3x 5 mtr air hoses,  remote pendant switch with 15 mtr cable, yellow and red line couplings & power cable.