Texa CAR, SUPERCAR & LCV Propack

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Texa Car Propack

The complete diagnostic package for any technician working on cars, super-cars or light commercials.

The Propack consists of the following:

  • Axone Nemo
  • IDC5 Premium Car and Supercar software
  • TXT Multihub
  • TPS
  • Nemo Stand
  • 12 Months Software subscription
  • 12 Months Technical Information / Assistance




Texa CAR, SUPERCAR & LCV Propack


Designed for even Smarter Diagnostics

To develop the AXONE Nemo2, TEXA drew on its vast experience as the trusted partner of tens of thousands of workshops and tried to imagine how the mechanic’s job is likely to evolve over the next five years.

The result is the world’s first “SMART” diagnostic tool, a tool that is amazingly flexible thanks to interchangeable modules that can be installed whenever needed to suit kinds of application and situation.

Special production standards.
The AXONE Nemo2 is manufactured on ultra-modern and fully automatic assembly lines that apply extremely rigorous quality controls and ensure total product traceability. TEXA is one of only a few companies in the diagnosis sector to be certified to ISO TS 16949, the standard demanded of OEM suppliers to the automotive industry.
Its reduced dimensions (70 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm) allow inserting it between the traditional OBD socket and the Navigator TXTs or Navigator Nano S interface and each time it identifies which protocol the vehicle uses.
TXT Multihub Interface

The top-of-the-range solution, versatile, quick, intuitive, in any situation.

It is a technologically advanced solution, rich in unique technical and constructive features, such as: the possibility to operate in 5 environments, the presence of a built-in display, the IP53 certified rugged design, an intelligent connectivity guaranteed by the Linux operating system, the management of CAN FD, DoIP, Pass-Thru protocols and much more.



TPS (Tyre Pressure Service) is TEXA’s solution for tyre-related service operations. TPS boasts an exceptional coverage of makes and models as well as TEXA’s traditionally robust design and build quality.

Once you have selected the make and model of vehicle, TPS can dialogue with the valve sensors on each wheel. Placing the tool near the sensors allows you to activate them and check their efficiency even if they are in stand-by mode at the time. The tool’s own display reads out pressure, temperature and battery charge level (where available), as well as the relevant identification codes and all other diagnostic information provided by the vehicle manufacturer.