Used TEXA Truck & Car Package

£5,000.00 £4,450.00 plus VAT

Second hand TEXA  package with both CAR & TRUCK software with Axone NEMO tablet and TXTs interface.

The equipment has been looked after and was kept updated. This package includes a list of cables as detailed bellow.

  • Axone Nemo Tablet
  • IDC5 CAR Software (v.68)
  • IDC5 TRUCK Software (Truck subscription still valid until January 2021 – v.50)
  • Navigator TXTs Interface
  • Many Cables listed below

Other categories like Off Highway or Bike can be added if required.


Cables Included

  • OBD Cable
  • To1
  • T02B
  • T03A
  • T04A
  • T05
  • T07 pin out kit
  • T08A
  • T09A
  • T10A
  • T11B
  • T12
  • T13
  • T15A
  • T18A
  • T30A Trailer Cable

The tool is in good working order in a used condition as seen in the pictures. It has been looked after and ready for use. The Warranty has now expired as it’s three years old.

Please contact us for more information.