Texa Konfort 780R Bi-Gas (R134a & 1234yf) – Used

£4,500.00 plus VAT

Texa Konfort 780R Bi-gas

Texa Konfort 780R Bi-Gas Package Includes:

  • 780R Bi-Gas Machine (R134a & 1234yf)
  • Cover
  • Printer
  • Climate Efficiency Kit
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Paper Rolls x5
  • POE Bottle


Texa 780R Bi-Gas (R134a & 1234yf)

The Texa KONFORT 780R Bi-Gas is the top of the range model, and unrivalled by any other air conditioning service station on the market.
Though it is no larger than the other stations in the series, the 780R incorporates two separate tanks and two separate circuits for recovery, recycling and servicing. It can therefore function with both refrigerants (the old R134a and the new R1234yf) simultaneously.

The 780R will provide a solution for workshops’ who are required to deal with new vehicles fitted with the new R1234yf refrigerant, but also maintain vehicles which will continue using the traditional R134a refrigerant.


Please Note:

This is a second hand previously used machine. It has had very little use. As new!