Texa Konfort 760R 1234yf Package

Texa Konfort 760R 1234yf Package

 Texa Konfort 760R 1234yf Package Includes:

  • 760R 1234Y
  • Cover
  • Printer
  • UV Dye
  • 1234yf Refrigerant (5kg)
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • UV Torch
  • Paper Rolls x5

This model is equipped with a high visibility colour TFT display with a graphic interface for ease of use.
The service management procedure is fully automatic, so there is no requirement for manual taps.

The distinctive features are the hermetically sealed bottle system, automatic service management system, refrigerant measurement and scale locking system.

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Texa Konfort 760R 1234yf Package

The scales used for refrigerant measurement can be inaccurate when used on uneven surfaces. TEXA’s patented TILT SENSOR SYSTEM analyses the scales horizontal positioning and alerts the operator to the fact that the readings may be inaccurate.


The new R1234yf refrigerant has been classified as being ‘highly flammable’ and this must be acknowledged by the operator. The KONFORT 700 series air conditioning service stations adopts a high efficiency redundant fan system to eliminate any possible refrigerant build up within the unit.


The KONFORT 700 series units automatically carry out a dual leak detection check. All safety related operations take place automatically in order to eliminate errors.

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