Spin Unica Dual Gas

Unica Dual Gas – R134a & 1234YF


Dual refrigeration, both R134a and 1234yf in one machine!

No need to take up valuable workshop space with two machines when you you can have two in one.

Zero risk of contamination, two totally separate systems built into one unit.



Spin Unica Dual Gas / R134a and 1234yf


  • Easy to use via a 7” touch screen colour display and an icon-view software.
  • No risk of internal contamination between the gases: two separate circuits with 4 hoses, 2 for R134 and 2 for 1234yf; 2 evaporators, 2 compressors, 2 condensers, 2 filters, 2 tanks
  • Separate circuits for the treatment of different oils: 3 channels for R134a with scale. 3 channels for HFO1234yf with scale (standard, used, hybrid). Automatic circuit cleaning at every oil change.
  • Easy charge in all temperature conditions thanks to the BST system.
  • WSC (Winter-Summer-Compensation) function. Possibility to correct the amount of gas loaded by scrolling the +/- keys and using the HP/LP pressure control.
  • Integrated vehicle database upgradeable from USB port.
  • Maximum efficiency during recovery thanks to the standard “MULTIPASS” function.
  • Flushing cleaning of the A/C system (kit 01.000.96 on request)
  • Recycling cleaning of the A/C system, AUDI/VW type (kit 01.000.139 on request)
  • Leakage test with nitrogen/hydrogen (kit 01.000.218 on request)
  • Optional R1234yf refrigerant analyser compliant with SAE/VDA norms (Kit 01.000.205)
  • Printer included.