Spin Logo AC Service Unit

£2,295.00 plus VAT

Spin Logo AC R134a  Service Station

This robust affordable service station is the ideal solution for any workshop. Easy to use, light weight and mobile, automatic service functions, and can be used on standard or Hybrid vehicles. Contact us for a demonstration and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

The machine can be converted over to 1234yf by our engineers if required. This will include a 1234yf database


See the “screen capture” picture to reference the corresponding details below:

  • Graphic display (A)
  • Built-in database (cars, trucks, agricultural machines) (B)
  • Facilitated charge in each temperature condition with BST system (by Spin)
  • Hose length adjustment (C)
  • Standard and Hybrid oil/additive management (Multi-Oil System by SPIN) (D)
  • Flushing cleaning of the A/C system (kit 01.000.96 on request) (E)
  • Recycling cleaning of the A/C system (kit 01.000.139 on request) (F)
  • Leakage test with N2-H2 (kit 01.000.218 on request) (G)
  • Multilingual software (H)
  • Oil viscosity settings (I)
  • Sensors contol (J)
  • Integrated USB for database and software update (K)
  • Technical service (with password) (L)
  • Data entry (plate number / km) (Printer version only) (M)
  • Print report (Printer version only) (N)





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