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MRL-85 vehicle A/C oil – 250ml

MRL-85 vehicle A/C oil – R1234yf/R134a/hybrid

MRL85 is a premium Polyester-based mobile air conditioning lubricant formulated and additised to lubricate all belt driven and electric compressors with R134a or R1234yf refrigerants.

MRL85 was developed by the world’s technical leaders in polyolester based lubricants to meet the twin challenges of (a) the flammable classification of HFO-1234, and (b) the need for superior di-electric properties in electric compressors on hybrids and others.

MRL85 is compatible with all compressor types, including hermetic and other electric types, whose manufacturers specify the use of a modified POE lubricant of this ISO grade. It provides excellent miscibility with HFC & HFO refrigerants, high inherent lubricity over wide temperature ranges, and good chemical stability with system components.

MRL85 provides effective wear protection for metal surfaces for increased system life and improved efficiency and is suitable for both initial fill and service fill. It has the required miscibility characteristics along with unparalleled chemical and thermal stability which enables the use of this product over a wide operating temperature range.


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MRL-85 vehicle A/C oil – R1234yf/R134a/hybrid

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