Mercedes Approved ATF Station

The Mercedes-Benz service manual recommends regular oil changes on automatic transmissions.

The Station AGC-8290 by BRAIN BEE meets all the requirements of the car manufacturer, which has therefore approved its introduction in its authorised workshops.

The simple and intuitive operation guides the user quickly through the entire automatic service procedure, with step-bystep instructions that mirror the manufacturer’s specific procedure. Transmission flushing and oil change are performed easily and completely (flushing with oil only – no additives).

  • To ensure a more comfortable ride
  • To extend the life and high efficiency of the automatic transmission
  • To prevent system malfunctions due to gearbox oil wear

Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Dedicated App increases productivity on the shop floor.

Visualisation of process steps directly on the display or via App on smartphones, whether you are near the vehicle or inside it.

Interchangeable canister for quick change of oil types and guaranteed purity through an internal washing process (Zero-cross contamination).

Automatic detection of oil flow direction in the transmission.

Includes adaptor kit 1-17 (as seen in the gallery).



Adaptor Kits. There are three more kits available to cover 90% of manufacturers.


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