Luvata Ice Sonic R134a NT FL


Lease from £10 / Week

• Refrigerant
• Keyboard with big display
• Data base yearly update
• Recognition of already made services, trough plate number
• Statistics refrigerant IN-OUT
• Export and service of A4-printtrough PC
• Export and statistics refrigerant IN-OUT print trough PC
• A/C plant diagnosis
• Graphic printer with settable text & print
• Double ticket printing option
• HP-LP ports, or only HP, or only LP
• Recovery Oil separation
• Refrigerant Recycling Oil draining (ECO=no gas leak)
• Vacuum A/C plant leak test Oil injections (AUT=with load cells)
• UV Dye injection (AUT=with load cells)
• A/C plant filling Flushing (A/C plant cleaning)
• Leak test with Nitrogen, Kit
• Incondensable gas release Safety valve
• Electronic vacuum gauge


Luvata Ice Sonic R134a

Luvata Ice Sonic R134a with nitrogen test and flushing tank.

ICE Sonic is a fully automatic product which lies in the medium-high market segment. It provides as standard, a database and self-diagnosis with a memory card system, thereby guaranteeing extremely high standards of precision in the recovery/recycling operations, in accordance with the current SAE standards. The machine – with its reliable and advanced performance – is equipped with an oil drain as standard. Disposable, sealed PAG UV/oil containers and a POE type oil/UV container for hybrid vehicles can be provided on request.


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