Leak Detection Gauge

£140.00 plus VAT

Leak Detection Gauge

  • Clear pressure readings
  • “Starting Dial” can be altered
  • Safe working pressures clearly displayed for all gasses
  • R134a & 1234yf couplings included


Leak Detection Gauge

The leak detection gauge is used to detect leaks in an air conditioning system before recharging commences.

The gauge has a “start dial” which can be altered to show the pressure at the beginning of the test making leak detection visually much easier. The dial also has suggested pressure ranges for use with all types of refrigerant, again making it easier for the technician to charge the system with the correct pressures..

Using OFN  (Oxygen Free Nitrogen) is recommended as it doesn’t contain any moisture which would be harmful to the A/C system. It is also a safe and legal way to test for leakage.



It is illegal to knowingly release refrigerant into the atmosphere which make this kit a must have tool with OFN.

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