HYB-11 Vehicle Oil – Hybrid – 250ml

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HYB-11 Vehicle Oil – Hybrid

HYB-11 is a premium Polyolester (POE) lubricant designed specifically for use with HFC refrigerants in mobile hybrid vehicle systems. It is compatible with all types of refrigerant compressor, including hermetics and other electric compressor types, whose manufacturers specify the use of a polyol ester lubricant of this ISO grade. It provides excellent miscibility with HFCs, high inherent lubricity over a wide temperature range, and good chemical stability with system components.

POE is widely used in static air conditioning and refrigeration and is also a good choice for retro fitting because of its compatibility with mineral oil.

Ester oils have a low moisture content, typically below 50 ppm, and are less hygroscopic that Polyalkylene glycol oils (PAGs). However, care is required to avoid water ingress, because of the potential formation of acidic species by reaction of POE with water.