DPF Cleaner / Carbon Cleaner

ECS Carbon Cleaning machines and DPF solutions

 100% designed and manufactured in the UK
Completely portable (ideal for mobile technicians)
Powered by the subject vehicle (12V or 24V)
Petrol or Diesel
2 or 4-stroke
Machines variants available for….

A 60-minute treatment will break down and disperse any carbon deposits


Lease from Only £20 / week


There are 3 variants of the cleaning machine available depending upon the vehicle application and power unit size required.

Please contact us for more information.


Each pack contains 1X 5 litre container of DPF Fluid and 1X 5 litre container of rinse.

This particular product is proving to be very successful in breaking down the most resistant soot and ash deposits found in a DPF.

It is an `in-situ` application, so no requirement to remove any components to effect a thorough cleansing.

Height 500mm • Width 310mm • Depth 230mm


Below are the emission test results found after treatment. Results for Transport Scotland

Make: Ford                                                                                        Make: Jaguar

Model: Fiesta                                                                                     Model: XF

Engine: 1600 Euro V                                                                        Engine: 2000cc Euro VI

Year: 2012                                                                                           Year: 2016

Fuel: Diesel                                                                                         Fuel: Diesel

Mileage: 77.900                                                                                Mileage 2489

CO: 27.8% reduction (combined)                                               CO: 25.3% reduction (combined)

NOx:31.2% reduction                                                                     NOx: 26.9 reduction

PN: 86% reduction                                                                           PN: 80% reduction

MPG: 10% improvement over a 500 mile test                      MPG: 7% improvement over a 500 mile test