£2,710.00 plus VAT

Delphi DS180 Truck Diagnostics

  • Optional HGV & LCV Software  (see below)
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled
  • Passthru Support
  • Integrated DoIP
  • CAN FD – 3 Channel
  • Unlock Security Gateway
  • Remote Diagnostic Compatible
  • VCI Status Indicator
  • 360 View of multicolor indicator


Software Options to be ADDED

  • BlueTech HD 1yr License £735.00
  • BlueTech HD 2yr License £1235.00
  • BlueTech HD 3yr License £1625.00
  • BlueTech HD 5yr License £2395.00
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This newly designed unit joins Delphi Technologies’ diagnostic line up at an exciting time focused on pioneering the best diagnostics in the market.

The new BlueTech VCI is designed from the ground up to meet the changing aftermarket world. Its originality is evident from its external characteristics alone. An LED icon panel and matching colour coded surround lighting mean its operation is visible to the technician from almost any angle.

Clear anti-counterfeiting measures reassure workshops of an authentic Delphi Technologies device. DS180 takes the next step on with a host of new features future proofing it as Automotive technologies continue to advance.

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