Bosch KTS 570 Diagnostic Interface

£1,995.00 plus VAT

Bosch KTS 570

Rapid troubleshooting with reliable results are a major requirement for all vehicles brought to the workshop today and in the future. With KTS technology, you are well equipped to meet the demands placed on workshops today by modern vehicle technology. The performance, ergonomics and ease of use of the new KTS series have been further improved especially with the complex electronic vehicle systems is mind.


Bosch KTS 570

Technical Data

  • KTS 570: 2-channel multimeter and 2-channel oscilloscope
Resistance measurement:
  • Measured value accuracy 1% of mean
  • Option to zero in the software
  • Measurement range 100 Ω to 1 MΩ
Voltage measurement:
  • Voltage measurement range valid for direct and alternating current
  • Measurement range +/-200 mV to +/-200 V (resolution 0.1 mV to 100 mV)
Current measurement:
  • Current measurement via optional external transformer (current clamp, shunt)
  • The FSA current clamp can be used


Full functionality of the KTS is dependant on subscription to ESI[tronic] software, providing vehicle specific test steps with sensor and actuator presets and providing on screen comparisons against acutal values.

Find out below which software package will suit your work enviroment best.

Duration Software Code Description Price (+VAT)
12 months SD + A SD – ECU diagnosis for KTS 5xx/6xx/8xx with parts catalogue (A) £471.00
SD + SIS + A ECU Diagnosis (SD) + Trouble shooting instructions (SIS) + parts catalogue (A) £896.00
SD + SIS + M + P + TSB + A Diagnostic Master Package – ECU diagnosis (SD) + Trouble shooting instructions (SIS) + Vehicle mechanical and service information (M) + Body electric wiring diagrams (P)+ Technical service bulletins (TSB) + parts catalogue (A) £1121.00
KTS TRUCK Diagnosis software for HGV, Trailers, Coach, Van & other Commercial Vehicles £995.00
3 Years SD + SIS 3 year offer – Get 6 months free £2200.00
SD + SIS + M + P + TSB 3 year offer – Diagnostic Master package with 6 months free £2765.00
No Timeout SD ECU Diagnosis one time purchase (no further updates) £580.00
KTS TRUCK KTS Truck Software one time purchase (no further updates) £1395.00
3 Months SD + SIS + M + P + TSB + B + A Master Package + B trial subscription 3 months FOC


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