Bosch KTS 250

£1,850.00 plus VAT

The KTS 250 from Bosch is a state-of-the-art ECU multifunctional tester with all the necessary tools for fault diagnostics in the workshop and on-the-move. It’s also ready-to-use within seconds, and is really easy to use by a modern, simple and intuitive user interface.

Equipped with ESI[tronic] including an outstanding coverage of more than 150 vehicle brands, as well as the best Bosch VIN database, automatic VIN identification and automatic online updates, the KTS 250 ensures workshops are up-to-date and at the forefront of vehicle diagnostics.




ESI[tronic] 2.0 – info types described


SD – Vehicle diagnosis

The latest diagnostic data for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for over 130 brands.

SIS – Vehicle troubleshooting instructions

The troubleshooting instructions reliably guide you step-by-step to the cause of the fault.

EBR/TSB – Experience-Based-Repair – Known Fixes

Find the right solution within seconds, even for challenging troubleshooting cases. Includes the module – technical service bulletins (TSB).

M – Vehicle mechanics and maintenance schedules

Maintenance information tabs contain all vehicle data such as service schedules, needed parts and much more with direct link to diagnostic functions.
P – Comfort systems wiring diagrams
Giant database including wiring diagrams for all important systems such as



EBR – Experience Based Repair ”Crowd sourced repair verification”

Already includes 750,000 known repairs – the database is growing day by day! Simply search for the fault codes or symptoms to vehicle problems identified by technicians in the field and online. All fixes have been validated by our own engineers. EBR may also be offered as a standalone software solution which does not require a KTS module.