Airco Shield Purifier

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The Airco Shield Purifier harnesses the natural germicidal and disinfecting power of ozone (O3) to cleanse vehicles of

● Viruses, Bacteria, and other Germs

● Odours of all kinds

● Tobacco smoke and allergens

It purifies the air, destroying contaminants on hard surfaces and upholstery, and in the hidden air channels where unpleasant odours often accumulate.

Ozone – the second most powerful steriliser in the world – is the right choice for vehicle sanitising. Purifier’s internal UV-C light source generates ozone at the right concentrations to sanitise and deodorise vehicle cabins safely. No chemicals.

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The Airco Shield Purifier offers a solution to the problem of germs, bacteria, allergens, unpleasant odours and many other air contaminants that accumulate in a car. It creates ozone using shortwave ultraviolet inside a chamber within the machine. Ozone can eliminate tobacco smoke and many other contaminants, including odours from pets, rodents, mould, mildew, fast food, cooking and other sources. It seeks out bacteria and allergens by permeating the fabrics of upholstery, seats, roof linings and trim, as well as the fan blown air circulation system. Full treatment of a vehicle takes around 30 minutes.