ATF Flush – Automatic Transmission Cleaner

£3,995.00 plus VAT

ATF Cleaner (Includes a set of fitting adaptors worth over £600)

Benefits of choosing an Automatic Transmission Cleaner

  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Zero Cross-Contamination between different ATF Oils
  • Can operate on all transmission types
  • Special Functions
  • Fully Automatic System
  • Includes a standard adaptor kit

With more and more vehicles being equipped with automatic transmissions, the maintenance schedule for many manufacturers now require a system flush every 40,000 miles. This procedure is made simple with this fully automatic flushing unit.


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AGC 8250 – Automatic Transmission Cleaner


The AGC 8200 Automatic Transmission Cleaner  features an automatic procedure, called ZERO CROSS CONTAMINATION which cleans the circuit using just 1 litre of oil, and prevents any cross-contamination between different ATF oils.

The AGC can also be equipped with interchangeable DEDICATED TANKS, one for each ATF used in the workshop, and the quick coupler makes it very easy to change the tanks.


  • Saves Time because emptying and cleaning the tank is no longer required
  • Zero Waste, as you don’t have to transfer the oil that was not used previously
  • Extreme Convenience: Tank replacement just takes a few second

The Special Functions

The Dipstick function allows operating on ‘sealed’ transmissions, where a service can only be done through the oil refill hole. If used in combination with the 12v power supply (car’s battery), the station can be used even without a car lift.

BOOST function – in case of transmissions equipped with low flow-rate pump, the AGC-8250 automatically goes into boost mode, thus speeding up used ATF discharge.