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Diagnostic Equipment

Today a diagnostic tool is an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle
workshop. Even scheduled service and maintenance in many cases requires the
use of diagnostic equipment, to reset the service lights and check or activate
the various systems

These are just a few of the functions included within the software.
 Wiring Diagrams
 Parameters “live data”
 Guided fault finding
 Adjustments & coding
 Calibrations
 Activations of components
 DPF Regenerations
 Counter resets
And so much more!

This month we have a great special offer on some diagnostic equipment.
During June you can purchase TEXA or Bosch Agri & Construction packages
from as little as £2500.00 or just £12.88 per week, including 12 months
software updates & 12 months technical support!
For more information or to get your quote please call us on 01935 829550 or

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Air Con Servicing

Air Con Servicing!

The sun has come out so now is the time to book in your annual Air Con Machine Service.

Why should you get your AC machine serviced annually?

Just like an MOT for your car your AC Machine needs an annual check up to keep them in good working order. A standard service takes around 1hr, during your service our engineers will change the vacuum pump oil, calibrate the scales and gauges, change the filter and give it a thorough check over to make sure everything is working correctly.

You will receive a certificate of conformity once your service is complete showing your AC is in good working order and calibrated correctly. Many companies will need this certificate for audits or for their insurance to be covered.

For enquires or to book your service please give us a call on 01935 829550 or email us at and we will get to you as quickly as possible so you are ready for summer!

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The new TXT Multihub Interface!

The new TEXA Multihub improves on the brilliant TXTs interface with new connectivity and features.

This multi-environment interface has some exciting new features:

  • Digital display
  • Rugged case with corner protection
  • IP53 grade and drop tested (MIL-STD-810G)
  • WiFi connection in addition to BT and USB
  • On board operating system (Linux)
  • Intergrated DoIP protocol (ISO13400)
  • RP1210 Protocol for Truck/OHW (coming soon)

Autocraft are offering an “exchange – Old for New” for those who have any of the older interfaces looking to future proof their business.

Production currently on hold due to the global semiconducter shortage.

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5 Year Warranty – UK Ariazone AC Units

Ariazone 5001 AC Service Stations now come with a 5 Year Warranty! For our UK customers ONLY.

If you are looking for a quality product and piece of mind, then look no further. With our flexible leasing options you don’t have to brake the bank either!

From as little as £7 per week with a small deposit, these machines will pay for themselves!


Check out all of our AC Service Stations and ask us for advice.

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“Lockdown” Covid-19

During this new period of rapidly changing conditions in which we all find ourselves, we want to assure all our customers and contacts that we will continue to support you. The team at Autocraft will be available, as always, to provide support and answer any questions or queries that you may have. Please do get in touch with us if you require any information or assistance.

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ATF & ATL Lanes (MOT Equipment)

For over 30 years Autocraft has been selling workshop equipment. Yet most of our customers only know us for Air Conditioning and Diagnostic tools.

We cater for ALL workshop equipment, from the largest construction vehicle workshop to the smallest motorcycle workshop, we have you covered! Until now we haven’t really promoted this fact and that we offer complete packages to fitout your workshop from start to finish!

Our installation teams are professional and experienced covering the entire UK.

Please contact us for more information and let us help you with your projects.



Autocraft is a committed supplier and service agent for front-line workers including the Ambulance Service, Fire & Police among others.

We are proud to do our bit if and when required to keep our customers safe and working.


While these are unprecedented times we are in now, we will continue to offer the best service possible whilst safeguarding the health and safety of our staff and customers.

If you have an inquiry  or would like more information on how Autocraft can help, please contact us.

01935 829550

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Windows 7 – What you need to know!

Windows 7 

Microsoft made a commitment to provide 10 years of product support for Windows 7 when it was released on October 22, 2009. As of January 14th 2020, this 10-year period has now ended, and Microsoft has discontinued Windows 7 support.

What this means for people still using systems based on the Windows 7 operating system is that you will no longer be able to receive updates for the majority of any software running on the device.


TEXA Users

All Axone 4, Axone MINI are affected by this, and all laptop or PC based systems running Windows 7 OS will also need to upgrade to Windows 10.


Other products No matter what software you use, it is highly likely that the software provider will cease to deliver any further updates.



So what can you do?

Put simply, it’s time to upgrade to Windows 10.

In the case of TEXA customers who have tablets like the Axone 4 and Axone MINI, we have an “exchange” policy (old for new) available. The OS (operating system) cannot be upgraded on these devices so a replacement is the only option. Please contact us so we can help you. Any existing contracts on the old device will be automatically transferred onto the new device.

PC / Laptop users: Depending on the equipment you are using will determine whether they are worth upgrading the OS (operating system) only, or otherwise replacing the device completely. Again, let us assist you with the specifications required and the transfer of software to make it a painless transition.

We are here to help. Do not rush out and buy a laptop from a retailer. These are often inferior and usually only carry a 12 month warranty.

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